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Brake System Basics by

You step on the brake pedal, and your vehicle comes to a halt. Brake pads – it’s a term that might sound familiar to you, but you’re not quite certain how it all works together.

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Air Filters - Change them! by

If you’re smelling something musty coming from your air vents, that means you’re breathing in whatever your filters have caught. To protect your vehicle – and your family – change your air filters regularly.

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Battery Selection by

How do you pick out the correct battery for your car or truck? To do so, there are two major factors to consider.

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How To: Replacing your cap and rotor by

Replacing – or, at the very least, inspecting – your distributor cap and rotor is an essential part of any tune up. Both the cap and rotor are responsible for distributing electricity to your spark plugs. This means your cap and rotor undergo a lot of wear. Avoid misfires by replacing them at the first sign of wear.

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What You Didn't Know You Didn't Know About Wiper Blades by

Choosing the right wiper blade can be a stressful task. First, why are there so many to choose from? Second, why do prices vary so much? Am I really benefiting more from the $26 blade than I am the $5 blade? Aren’t they all the same? Let’s first look at the types of wiper blades available.

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The Importance of Protective Eyewear by

If you’re going to be working with any kind of hazardous material,  you have got to make sure you utilize protective equipment. Especially, protective eyewear.

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