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The Importance of Protective Eyewear by

If you’re going to be working with any kind of hazardous material,  you have got to make sure you utilize protective equipment. Especially, protective eyewear.

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4WD vs AWD - What's the Difference? by

Four wheel drive. Every car and (most) trucks have four wheels. So it must be interchangeable with all-wheel drive. Right? The logic may be sound, but four wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles work in very different ways. We all know that four wheel drive vehicles are better suited for rough terrain, but why is that?

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How To: Checking your ATF by

Are you finding that your automatic car or truck is having trouble shifting? Before you scare yourself into expensive transmission repairs, consider just checking your fluid levels.

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How To: Safely Lifting Your Car or Truck by

Getting under your vehicle to change the oil is relatively painless – as long as you do it the right way. When vehicles are lifted, they can pose a danger if they are not supported properly. To keep you and your vehicle safe, here is a quick safety lesson on the proper use of hydraulic jacks.

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