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Air Filters - Change them! by

If you’re smelling something musty coming from your air vents, that means you’re breathing in whatever your filters have caught. To protect your vehicle – and your family – change your air filters regularly.

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Fuel Injector Cleaner - Gimmick or Not? by

When customers come into our stores asking questions about fuel economy, the number one product they walk out with is a fuel injector cleaner. Why? Because it’s the simplest way to help your car or truck get the most out of the fuel you put into it.

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How To: Checking Tire Pressure by

Perhaps the most silent killer of fuel economy is low tire pressure. If your tires are low on air that means more rubber is hitting the pavement – which drastically shortens the life of your tires, by the way! To keep this from happening to you, here’s a step by step guide to checking your tire pressure!

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4 Steps to Help you Travel more Miles per Gallon by

When your car or truck requires maintenance, the first symptom you’ll notice is declining fuel economy. Then your vehicle just isn’t putting in the miles it should, here’s a few things to do first.

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