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The 8 Most Common Warning Lights by

We all have the tendency to freak out when the unexpected happens, and nothing is more unexpected than when something on your dash lights up. To ease some of that panic, we’ve curated a guide to the most common dash warning lights, what they mean, and what steps you can take to keep your vehicle in top running condition.

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How To: Checking your Power Steering Fluid by

Have you found that your car or truck just isn’t as easy to steer as it normally is? Before jumping to major repairs, check your power steering fluid level. Here’s an easy step by step to walk you through it.

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How To: Replacing your cap and rotor by

Replacing – or, at the very least, inspecting – your distributor cap and rotor is an essential part of any tune up. Both the cap and rotor are responsible for distributing electricity to your spark plugs. This means your cap and rotor undergo a lot of wear. Avoid misfires by replacing them at the first sign of wear.

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How To: Checking your ATF by

Are you finding that your automatic car or truck is having trouble shifting? Before you scare yourself into expensive transmission repairs, consider just checking your fluid levels.

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How To: Safely Lifting Your Car or Truck by

Getting under your vehicle to change the oil is relatively painless – as long as you do it the right way. When vehicles are lifted, they can pose a danger if they are not supported properly. To keep you and your vehicle safe, here is a quick safety lesson on the proper use of hydraulic jacks.

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How To: Basic Spark Plug Replacement by

Replacing your spark plugs is a vital component to any tune up. Whether you’re a new car owner – or you’re just deciding to handle your own car care – knowing how to properly get those plugs in and out is essential.

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How To: Spark Plug Gapping by

Spark plug gapping is overlooked so often, yet it’s a vital step in almost every tune up. So let’s take a look at how to measure and adjust the gap on a spark plug.

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How To: Checking Tire Pressure by

Perhaps the most silent killer of fuel economy is low tire pressure. If your tires are low on air that means more rubber is hitting the pavement – which drastically shortens the life of your tires, by the way! To keep this from happening to you, here’s a step by step guide to checking your tire pressure!

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4 Steps to Help you Travel more Miles per Gallon by

When your car or truck requires maintenance, the first symptom you’ll notice is declining fuel economy. Then your vehicle just isn’t putting in the miles it should, here’s a few things to do first.

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How To: Changing Your Oil by

By this point, we’ve explored the important components of an oil change: your oil and your oil filter. Now, let’s cover the basics of an oil change.  

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How To: Checking your oil by

One of the staples of car care basics is checking your oil level. It should be a rather simple task, but it’s one that many people do incorrectly. Here are some simple tips to make sure you get a correct reading every time.

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