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Air Filters - Change them! by

If you’re smelling something musty coming from your air vents, that means you’re breathing in whatever your filters have caught. To protect your vehicle – and your family – change your air filters regularly.

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How To: Replacing your cap and rotor by

Replacing – or, at the very least, inspecting – your distributor cap and rotor is an essential part of any tune up. Both the cap and rotor are responsible for distributing electricity to your spark plugs. This means your cap and rotor undergo a lot of wear. Avoid misfires by replacing them at the first sign of wear.

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How To: Basic Spark Plug Replacement by

Replacing your spark plugs is a vital component to any tune up. Whether you’re a new car owner – or you’re just deciding to handle your own car care – knowing how to properly get those plugs in and out is essential.

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How To: Spark Plug Gapping by

Spark plug gapping is overlooked so often, yet it’s a vital step in almost every tune up. So let’s take a look at how to measure and adjust the gap on a spark plug.

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Spark Plug Tip Tips by

Spark plugs wear down over time, but how they wear can tell you a lot about your engine and how it’s performing. Here’s a quick tip guide to spark plug tips!

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Spark Plug Anatomy by

This post goes out to every customer who has ever opened up that tiny box and said “huh, so that’s what a spark plug looks like.”

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